Future Travels

Summer 2018

This summer, my husband and I are traveling to Portland, ME and Boston, MA! I am so beyond excited for this trip, both places have been on my bucket list for awhile.  But first, before we board a plane and jet set to the East Coast, we are taking in a Chicago Cubs baseball game. We usually try to make at least one game a year. What makes this game even better?! It’s Cubs/Cardinals at Wrigley Field! Score!

Cubs4  Cubs2

My husband and I are die hard Cub fans. We got married in September 2016 and to make that year even more special to us, our beloved Cubs won the World Series that year! They ended a 108 year World Series drought and we were lucky enough to have the privilege to be in Chicago for game 4. The crowds were heavy, crazy and full of a good time and I was so glad to be one of them! Unfortunately, they lost game 4. BUT, the Cubs took the World Series to game 7 (what a nail-bitter of a game) and ended up on top with a victory. My husband and I could not have been more excited. 2016 was good to us….



We are staying in Portland, ME for 5 days, 4 nights and while my husband and I are there, our hope is to do some paddle boarding, island hopping, biking, and hopefully  hiking a few trails. I hear the breweries in town are pretty good and a must-try type of thing. We are extremely excited to have some delicious tasting seafood and see some beautiful lighthouses while in town!

Once we leave town, we are driving from Portland down to Boston with a must-stop-and-see Salem, MA. You guys, I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am to sight-see through this town! Every emotion that I felt while watching the 90’s movie ‘Hocus Pocus’ comes flooding back to me! My little girl dream of seeing this place in person is finally going to come true! #littlegirlsdreamsdocometrue    I should also mention that my favorite holiday is Halloween and my favorite season is fall. Therefore, this town fits me to a T but the only thing that could make this visit better was if we had planned it for October!

When we finally make it to Boston, we are staying at an airbnb.com (which is literally two blocks to Fenway Park!) I don’t know how we got so lucky with housing, but we will take it. To make matters even better, we are also hitting up a Red Sox game. I know, I know, it’s not our Cubbies but my husband and I are also some sporting junkies who like to visit and attend a game in as many stadiums as we possibly can. Therefore, we are extremely excited to check Fenway Park off our list!

This should certainly be a fun and exciting filled summer!

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