6th Annual Run For Their Lives 5k & 1 Mile Run/Walk

It’s that time of year again! Only a few short weeks away from our 6th Annual Run For Their Lives 5k & 1 Mile Run/Walk. All proceeds from the race directly benefit PAW Animal Shelter in Fort Madison, Iowa.


PAW is a no-kill animal shelter that currently homes around 200 animals with only 5-6 full time staff workers. Any volunteer work that is brought their way is beyond appreciated! So any amount of time that you may have to volunteer your time at your local animal shelter is always so very appreciated!

This year, we have a record number of sponsors who have graciously given to our cause to help put on this event! Without them, this never would be possible! So THANK YOU sponsors!!


Again this year we are having our raffle drawings! Free will donation will get you tickets for multiple basket items. We will have items that are for dogs and cats! Make sure to stop on over to check out all the goodies! In addition, State Farm-Thomas Klann Agency will be setting up and handing out waters again to all our racers. The best thing about State Farm is that they insure ALL DOGS!! There is no discrimination against PitBulls or any dog. Their motto is based on the individual dog, not the breed!! YAY! Also, Katie’s K9 and Montrose Dog Boarding will be setting up shop selling dog attire and dog treats, respectively. So make sure to bring some extra cash and extra time so you can go and browse the selection! And lastly, we will be having microchipping available at a discounted price for your pet on race day. So if you’ve been considering getting your pet microchipped, this is the time to do so!


I’d like to take a moment to say a few words about my absolutely amazing sponsor dog, Luca. Unfortunately, he has been at the shelter for over a year and half. I’m not sure as to why, because in my eyes he’s perfect. He is a big dog who does get excited, but the thing is, he just doesn’t realize how big he is when he gets excited. I’ve been trying to work on that with him and he has come a very long ways!! He has learned to sit, shake with both paws, beg, lay down and roll over! He listens and respects me, and it breaks my heart having to leave him there. He sees and hears me coming and is sitting and waiting at the kennel gait for me to come in and get him ready to go for our walks!


The day he gets adopted and goes to his forever home will be so bittersweet! I’ll be SO HAPPY that he has his very own family to call his own but also so sad that I will probably never see him again. (I’m gonna try not to think about it before I start to cry!) I mean, just look at that face!


And lastly, the dog below has a very special place in my heart. His name was Buddy (not sure if his new family has changed it). However, for the last couple years I was trying to save this dog from a very rough and neglected life. The struggle was real trying to save him. BUT over Thanksgiving (2018) the time was right. He had gotten loose and had caused a little trouble in the neighborhood and I took full advantage of getting him out of the rough home life that he had been dealt. I literally saw the man who owned him pick him up by the neck and just let him dangle with all 4 of his paws off the ground. Over my dead body was I leaving this dog behind. The cops got involved and it truly took a team effort to rescue him. But I’m so happy to report that he went to our animal shelter, PAW Animal Shelter, where he learned how to walk on leash and start to trust humans again. With that being said, he has found himself his new and very own family that loves him and treats him like the wonderful dog that he has always been!!


My heart is full and I feel so blessed to have been that stepping stone for him in order to find that perfect family. I know we can’t save them all, but I certainly wish that we could! However, even by saving 1 life, we have truly impacted the life of that one dog. It all matters. It all makes a difference. So don’t be scared to stand up and be their voice! A dog who needs you will be truly thankful that you did.

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