Kansas City, Missouri

Usually in November (between my athletic training sport coverage), my husband and I take a vacation that revolves around me running a half marathon. Since I had hip surgery in May and haven’t made it to 13.1 miles yet in training, we decided to take a mini vacation instead and head south to Kansas City, Missouri to visit a couple friends who moved there earlier this year.

My husband and I, as I’ve mentioned before, are sporting junkies and like to visit as many stadiums (football, basketball, baseball, etc) as possible so we took advantage of the opportunity to add one more to our list.

We drove the 4.5 hours south to Kansas City on a Saturday morning. We arrived by mid-afternoon and quickly got ready for a night out on the town. We decided to hit up an escape room (I’ve never done one and have wanted to for a long time). Escape rooms look like fun and seem really entertaining so I couldn’t wait to give it a try! We ended up booking with Breakout KC at River Market and played the Truman Room (which is the hardest game they have, rated a 9 on the challenge level).


There were 8 of us who played and we were given 3 clues throughout the game to help us along in figuring out the code to escape. Our ‘guide’ was helpful and gave us a few extra clues along the way which came in very handy. We were able to solve the mystery and get ourselves out with 6 seconds to spare! I should add, you get 1 hour to figure out the clues in order to find your code to unlock the door in order for you to escape. Thank goodness for the extra clues and the help of our partners, otherwise we may not have made it out. This was a fun time and if you’re ever in the River Market area of Kansas City, I highly recommend!


After our escape room, we decided that we needed supper and wanted to check out the Power and Light District. We took the trolley (which is free!!) from River Market down to the Power and Light District. We ended up eating at Leinenkugel’s  (which is part of the Power and Light District). The wait time was awful but I think most of that was due to the fact that Ja Rule was there performing that night in the Power and Light District. After the extended supper rush, we decided that we wanted to check out the PBR bar (Country Bar). This bar has a mechanical bull which was free to ride (and NO, I did not ride the bull for those wondering).

The Power and Light District is cool because it’s this huge square area that is full of bars that has street access and also from the inside square access. So basically it’s like they have a front door and a back door that you can enter/exit whenever you want. When you enter/exit from the backdoor, you have access to literally at least a dozen bars within short walking distance. Just be careful because you most likely have to pay cover at most bars when entering.


Therefore, we were able to walk out of the PBR bar at the top level and see Ja Rule perform from the 2nd floor. I will say, I have no idea his music but it was still cool to see all the same. After listening to a handful of songs, we decided to head back into the PBR bar and entertain ourselves with those being whipped off the mechanical bull. After a couple hours, we decided to call it a night and take the free trolley back to River Market and head home.


Sunday morning, GAME DAY!! We all decided to hit up breakfast before heading out to Arrowhead Field for the Kansas City Chiefs vs Arizona Cardinals game. When we were headed out to the stadium we ended up getting caught in traffic and had to park in the back grass lot. Needless to say, we didn’t have time to tailgate. We headed straight up to the stadium so we could get in and hopefully see something of first quarter. The lines were long and moving so slow (and the fact that my purse was too big and I wasn’t allowed to enter with it, so I had to walk all the way back to the vehicle to drop it off), my husband and I missed the entire first quarter. Oops! Just FYI, if you are ever heading to a KC Chiefs game, you can either take in an extremely small purse (clutch size) or a clear, plastic bag/tote. I was given one for free by some very nice gentleman so that I could still take in my wallet, hat and gloves. I overheard someone say that the Chiefs decided to do this after the Boston Marathon bombing. At first I was mad about it, but after over-hearing that information, I didn’t mind. It made sense.


Arrowhead stadium is pretty cool because it’s one of the older stadiums around and the stadium goes up vs out. So even tho we were on the upper deck (and quite the workout climbing those stairs!) I still feel as tho we had pretty good seats. And I quickly found out that Chief fans are some of the loudest and most spirited fans out there. Great atmosphere. And we were fortunate enough to be at the game on Veterans Day and they had a really nice tribute to honor those who have, are currently, and those who will serve.


At half time, we ended up getting caught in the bathroom line and decided that since we were up that we would grab something to eat and another drink. OMG, if the food stand could be any slower or disorganized. I let my husband go back to the game so he could watch more as I waited in line THE ENTIRE 3rd quarter. And this is no joke, as I waited for 45 minutes and I was to be helped next in line, they announced that you could no longer buy alcohol. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! And when they say people who live in cities have more rage….no lies. So I guess I only stood in line for chicken tenders which weren’t even that good. Needless to say, I was only able to watch half the football game. I mean, how awesome is that? I guess I still got to go and see something of the game and I got to take away the experience of it all, so in hindsight maybe it wasn’t that bad.


After the game was over, we headed back to our vehicle.  We didn’t want to fight the traffic so we decided that now after the game was over we would do our tailgaiting! We played about 5 games of Kanjam which is a frisbee game that you play with a partner. If you’ve never heard of it, look it up. It’s quite fun and something different to play instead of always playing bags. I guess we can say that we’ve now tailgaited at a KC Chiefs game.


Thanks KC, you’ve been real and you’ve been fun! I’m sure we’ll be back for more!

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