Watching the Boys of Summer ⚾️

Summer time is well known for baseball season. I had the privilege of being able to attend 4 major league baseball games and 3 of which were in different major league baseball stadiums. My husband and I are quite the sporting junkies so we were very excited to travel and watch some baseball in different venues.

July 1, 2018 – St Louis Cardinals/Busch Stadium


My husband and I were able to take a charter bus down to St Louis thru the high school that I work with. (Side note: I’m a certified and licensed athletic trainer at a hospital and work as an outreach ATC to a local high school and travel with different sporting teams to different sporting events.) My high school baseball team was playing at Busch stadium that night after the Cardinals were done playing. We enjoyed an exciting STL Cardinals game and then took on one of our high school rivalries for our high school game. I loved getting to go down on the field with the team, sit in the Cardinals dug-out and enjoy what the big shots experience on the daily. Talk about perks of your job!


I was fortunate enough to get to meet Kolten Wong, the STL Cardinals second baseman. He was very sweet and quite the ball player!

Kolten Wong, Cardinals 2nd baseman

July 21, 2018 – Chicago Cubs/Wrigley Field


My husband and I were flying out of Chicago for our vacation this summer and thought why not head up a day early so we could watch our beloved Cubs take on one of their biggest rivals, the STL Cardinals! We decided that since it was a night game that we would get bleacher seats (some of the more fun times I’ve had at baseball games.) We  were able to sit right center and had a great view of the field. The interesting thing about the game we attended was that the Cubs/Cardinals had a make up game prior to our game in order to make up a game that got cancelled this spring to due weather (and by weather, I mean snow in April…😳)


We had a fun time getting to watch Albert Almora make a couple great catches in center field and toss the balls out to us in the bleachers. Unfortunately for us, we didn’t catch those balls or any home runs that game. And sadly, the Cubs lost that game in 9 innings. But at least we split 1/1 that day.

Check out this outfielder. Almora with a golden glove!

July 27, 2018 – Boston Red Sox/Fenway Park


My husband and I were so excited to watch a baseball game in the oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, Fenway Park. The home of the green monster and boy was she a beauty! The Red Sox took on the Minnesota Twins and gave us our money’s worth. There was one batter who experienced the green monster and was robbed of a home run. (The green monster is a very large and tall green wall in the outfield and takes quite a hit to go over and be credited for a home run.) The Red Sox took the game into ten innings and ended the game with a walk-off home run. Needless to say, we sure enjoyed our experience at Fenway!


August 4, 2018 – Chicago Cubs/Wrigley Field


Back to Wrigley Field I went! This time, however, was for a fun girls trip! My friends and I enjoy Chicago and our beloved Cubs so anytime we get to watch a game IN Wrigley Field, we are all happy campers. This time around, the Cubs took on the San Diego Padres in an exciting 9 innings. The Cubs scored 5 runs within the first 3 innings. Then, unfortunately, we remained scoreless while allowing 4 runs to score thru the remaining 6 innings of the game. BUT, we still ended with a 5-4 victory! We were able to, in true Chicago Cubs fashion, Fly the ‘W’ and sing “Go Cubs, Go!!”

The Crew!

When in Wrigleyville, you are sure to have a good time. And when supporting the Cubs, who are currently in first in the National League, you will want to come back time and time again! In true Harray Caray tradition, I will leave you with this: his singing of the 7th inning stretch!

“Take Me Out to the Ballgame”



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