Day 5: Boston-From Cheers to Fenway

On our last day of vacation we already had tickets to watch the Boston Red Sox take on the Minnesota Twins that night. We decided that since we had the whole day to do as we pleased, we really wanted to check out the iconic Cheers located at Beacon Hill. The show, Cheers, used the exterior of the bar/restaurant for the series’ establishing shots as the opener for the show. The actual show was filmed in front of a live studio audience at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. Cheers, however, was originally named the Bull & Finch Pub in 1969 when it was founded.


The Cheers restaurant was quite small inside and we were fortunate enough to have arrived about 10 minutes before the doors opened which allowed us to be one of the lucky ones to get a seat right away. Once we ordered, our food arrived quickly and was extremely delicious. If you are wanting some great food for a reasonable price, I highly suggest eating here. The atmosphere was fun and cozy.

Souvenir glasses!

Once we finished eating, we decided to walk across the street and check out the famous Boston Common. Sometimes called the Boston Commons, it is a central public park in downtown Boston. Dating back to 1634, Boston Common is the oldest city park in the United States. There were numerous park benches, statues, flower gardens and a pond where visitors were able to take a little boat tour. The park is a gorgeous area and a lot of people seemed to gather there for sight-seeing or hanging out.


We were hanging out in the Boston Common trying to waste some time before heading to an animal rescue/shelter. Every new city I visit, I love to go and check out the different animal shelters and rescue organizations to see how they are run, how they do their adoption processes, what they look like and the different set-ups they have. I volunteer with my local animal shelter a lot. I believe in adopting pets and I understand the hard work that goes into working at a shelter. Therefore, I truly love to see how other systems work and the success they have. Plus, meeting other people who have the same passion and desire to help animals like I do gives me a new sense of hope and pride in this world we live in.


After visiting the beautiful Animal Rescue League of Boston, we decide to head back to our Airbnb for a nap and to recover before the Red Sox game. Our Airbnb was literally two blocks away from Fenway Park. Score! Talk about location, location, location!

Finally, our much await baseball game. My husband and I are both some sporting junkies and love to visit and attend as many different games/stadiums as we can. Therefore, we were super excited to hit up a baseball game at Fenway! The stadium was really cool. It’s one of the older stadiums around and one of the smaller ones. We were fortunate to have some great seats and a great ball game to go with it. We were able to see a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th for the Red Sox to secure a victory.


On top of a great game, we were lucky enough to sit by some pretty awesome fans, who by the way, almost got kicked out. And not for doing anything bad, just cheering extra loud for the home team and not so loud for the visiting team, if you know what I mean. I love people who are like that, they know how to have fun and be crazy fans at the same time without taking it too far. Needless to say, we enjoyed our experience at Fenway. And let’s be real, the green monster is everything you’ve ever heard and more. And even more enjoyable than the game was the short two-block walk back to our Airbnb. No having to fight the crowd to get an Uber, a taxi or on a train. I think that’s called vacation success!

What was some of your favorite things to do while in Boston? Let me know below.

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