Day 3.5: Casco Bay Lighthouses!

The Casco Bay Lighthouses in Cape Elizabeth, Maine are just south of Portland. There are 5 different lighthouses that comprise Casco Bay Lights. My husband and I took the last half day of our vacation to tour and sight-see these amazing lighthouses! This was, by far, what I was the most excited for when traveling to Portland. We enjoyed our time seeing the different views that each lighthouse provided!

Lighthouse #1: Portland Breakwater Light “Bug Light” in South Portland. 1

Our view of Bug Light while on our lobster fishing adventure.

My husband and I decided not to stop and walk to Bug Light by foot because we had gone by this lighthouse twice on separate days via boat so we thought we had seen enough of this beauty!

Lighthouse #2: Cape Elizabeth Light “Two Lights” in Cape Elizabeth.


I found my absolute favorite spot while looking at “Two Lights”. I wanted to stay at this exact location forever.

“Two Lights” is part of someone’s home and is on private property. We were only able to see this lighthouse from far away or look at it for a short period of time in our car as we slowly did a drive-by! 😬🤫 However, the area by “Two Lights” has now become my new favorite location! I literally wanted to sit there forever and truly did not want to leave. This little piece of oasis was private, relaxing, and just breathtaking! (This is the moment in time where I thought relocating to Maine was a great idea. lol)



We came across this little restaurant called Lobster Shack Restaurant and decided that we wanted to go back that night for supper. The reason being, the view! Oh, and the food was good too! Side note: if you are wanting to dine-in and eat here, make sure to bring some warm clothes with you. The view is outstanding but with that comes the ocean breeze that may feel pretty chilly. So come prepared!


Lighthouse #3: Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth.


Portland Head Light is probably the most well known lighthouse in this area. And the one I was MOST EXCITED to see! There is a museum here and if you want, you can actually climb to the top of the lighthouse and look out into the ocean. I wanted to do this but by the time we went to try and climb, they had closed by 2 minutes! Talk about poor timing!

There is also some different trails available for short little hikes and to get different views of Portland Head Light. We were able to park nearby (for free!) and walk around and see the different views. This lighthouse is gorgeous and I can truly understand why this one is the most famous!

Lighthouse #4: Ram Island Ledge Light in Portland Harbor


This lighthouse is said to guard Portland Harbor. We were able to see this lighthouse while we were walking the different trails at Portland Head Light. Unfortunately, it was a little foggy further out into the ocean so the view wasn’t the best, nor was my picture. But all the same, I enjoyed getting to see it first-hand!

Lighthouse #5: Spring Point Light in Cape Elizabeth.

Sprint Point Light with Fort Gorges in the background!
This may be our next Christmas card! I feel like this picture embodies Maine perfectly!

This lighthouse was so much fun! We slowly started walking (and hopping!) our way out to the lighthouse. What was so cool about this location was all the large rocks that were there as your walkway to the lighthouse. This reminded me of round bale tag when I was a little kid. All you Midwest country people out there, you know what I’m talking about! Round bale tag was one of the best things about my childhood!

After we made our quest to the lighthouse, we were able to walk all the way around it and get one last great view of Casco Bay and Fort Gorges. Needless to say, the view was breathtaking and I was in love with this area! We then decided that it was time to head home so we slowly took our time back to the car to savor our last few moments of this view I like to call paradise.

7 Well lades and gentlemen, there you have it. The 5 different lighthouses in the Casco Bay area. When I think East Coast, I think lighthouses and this was the one thing that I was the most excited about and the most excited to see and experience for myself. I truly feel that the pictures I have seen are gorgeous, but no picture can do these lighthouses justice. This is something that needs to be experienced in person to truly grasp the beauty of the area.


When vacation was that much FUN. And trust me, I had the best time on vacation in Portland. I was sad to say good-bye but I think that only means that I will have to travel there again to experience the East Coast lifestyle that I fell in love with!

Have you traveled to Portland and/or Maine before? If so, what was your favorite part?! Leave your comments below. 👇

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