Day 3: All About the Lobster!

On our third day in Portland, my husband really wanted to see what it was like to go Lobster fishing. All we thought when we heard Maine was lighthouses, seafood and all the lobsters that we could eat! Almost everyone asked me, “Are you going to try a lobster roll?!” Well no, but now that everyone is asking I just think I might!

We took a tour thru Lucky Catch Cruises and we picked the Lighthouse Tour. There are a couple other tours available to choose, but when we decided on going to Maine, we REALLY wanted to see some beautiful lighthouses! Unfortunately, the morning of our lobster tour, it was super foggy and you couldn’t see very much from far away. So sadly we weren’t able to see any lighthouses at that time. No worries tho, we took our own excursion later to see the lighthouses and they were definitely worth the wait. (More of that to come.) The tour was only 90 minutes in length but was also a very hands-on and interactive tour.

Our lobster tour boat!

There were a handful of lobster traps that we checked at different locations within the Casco Bay area. We, the tourists, got to help put fish into bags that are used as bait to help guide the lobsters (and anything else, such as crabs!) into the cage. The fish are pretty smelly, but was a neat experience!


When the captain pulled up the first lobster cage, there were 2 lobsters and 3 crabs present. I bravely asked if I could pick up a crab and throw it out, which I was allowed to do. I was a little nervous about where to grab the crab because I didn’t want to get pinched! In the end, I succeed and had a big smirk on my face in the process!

Throwing back the crab! Also, Fort Gorges in the background. *Notice how foggy it is*

Once the captain, his crew and the tourists finished clearing the cages, we were shown how to strap the bait (AKA the fish in the sack) in the cage, lock the cage, we were allowed to help push the cages back into the water. I don’t know why I signed up to be free labor! lol 😂

Once we finished checking all the traps, it was time to learn all about the lobster! We were shown what the difference is between a male and female lobster and we were given some really interesting facts about lobsters! One fact is that if you find a female lobster, you have to make sure that she doesn’t have eggs and to make sure that she is not notched in the tail. If she is notched or has eggs, she has to be released back into the water. Apparently not all female lobsters will produce eggs and the ones that do produce eggs, only 0.1% of the eggs will survive, which means about only 10 eggs will survive from the thousands of eggs produced at one time.

In addition, if a male lobster is bigger than the measurements they have to be released back to the ocean as well because if a small male tries to reproduce with a large female, she will end up killing him and eating him. 🙈🙊 Therefore, to help maintain the production of lobsters, those large males have to remain alive. Also, if a lobster is too small they have to be thrown back into the sea as well. There are many rules and regulations that one has to follow to catch and sell lobster. A lot more than I ever thought there were.


Our captain demonstrating to us how to measure a lobster to see if it’s a keeper or if it has to be released!

At the end of the tour, we were able to pick out our own lobster from the tank for purchase! Hand-picked lobster, um, yes please! And what was cool was that Lucky Catch has a partnership with the Lobster Company restaurant next door and if you take your fresh picked lobster there they will cook it for you and you get the meal with it! Quite the deal I thought. And trust me, my lobster was quite delicious!

As much as I thought I didn’t want to do this excursion, in the end I am so glad that I did! Kuddos to my husband for this entertaining idea. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot of great information about lobsters, and gave me a great glimpse into another way of life that I didn’t know anything about. I was born and raised a farm girl in the Midwest, so the East Coast way of living was quite interesting to me! 🌽 🐠 🦀

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