Day 1: Kayaking in Portland, Maine!

My dream has always been to visit the East Coast and see all the beauty and glory that awaits there. Not to mention all the beautiful lighthouses!  We flew from Chicago, IL straight to Portland, ME on a Sunday. The weather was rainy, gloomy, foggy and chilly. We were thinking, “Oh, great. What a perfect time to go on vacation!” We decided to grab some food at a local pizza joint. The pizza was amazing and surprisingly, my husband and I were able to eat the whole large pizza to ourselves. I guess you don’t count calories or carbs when on vacation! haha 🤣

Monday morning, we woke up to more overcast skies and very foggy weather. We had our kayaking trip scheduled thru Portland Paddle and we kept our fingers crossed that our excursion wasn’t going to get cancelled.

We showed up 30 minutes prior to our designated time to get checked-in, gear fitted, and any last minute essentials packed. The fog was still pretty heavy but we were lucky enough to still be able to head out on the water. We rode on a tandem kayak with 4 other couples and our tour guide. We had quite the fun bunch!



We slowly paddled our way thru the fog to Fort Gorges, which took about 30 minutes. We were able to paddle around the whole island first and get some brief history of Fort Gorges in the process, which, by the way, was quite interesting! Atlas, we beached the kayaks and were able to get out and explore the beautiful Fort!

The view of Fort Gorges
The entrance into Fort Gorges

The beauty that awaited ahead was breathtaking! Seeing the Fort and learning all about it’s history, how it was built, what the Fort was used for, etc. was marvelous! Our tour guide was fantastic and knew a lot of information about this place. I found myself wanting to know more and explore every inch of the island. (FYI, the entire island is made up of Fort Gorges.)

These views below are amazing! The pictures will speak for themselves.



The beauty that lies inside is truly amazing. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to see and explore this beautiful structure that is part of our history! If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Portland, I highly recommend it. Plus, take an excursion thru Portland Paddle, they have outstanding tour guides. In addition, they have this tour plus other great tours available for you, depending on what suites your fancy!


Peace out Fort Gorges. ✌🏼 It was great getting to meet you and experience everything you had to offer.

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