PAW Animal Shelter

I am a HUGE animal lover and adoption/rescuing animals has always been near and dear to my heart. (I have 3 dogs who were either adopted or rescued and my parents also have 3 dogs that were rescued). You can say we are a doggie-type family! I am also a runner enthusiast so putting together two things that I love was a no-brainer. Therefore, I have organized a 5k fundraising event for an animal shelter that I truly believe in.

Everyone, it’s that time of year again! Our 5th Annual Run For Their Lives 5k & 1 Mile Run/Walk to benefit my local animal shelter! All proceeds are donated to PAW Animal shelter in Fort Madison, Iowa. There are well over 150 dogs and cats that need your help! Please consider donating today OR sign-up for our 5k event! Come participate in this great cause, there is a lot of fun to be had by all (2 and 4-legged!).


Here are a couple of my absolute favorites at my local animal shelter who are still awaiting for their forever family to show up and take them home. Could that be you?!

First is my sweet boy Luca! He is learning how to sit, shake, beg and lay down! He’s a big lover with an even bigger heart! Check out his rad talents…!

And below is Stallone, a young rottie who just wants to play and curl up in your lap! I mean, c’mon how can you not fall in love with these two boys?!

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